Heavy Duty — DPF & DOC

Dependability and uptime are the key factors in the long-term profitability of your commercial vehicle, equipment or fleet. That’s why DieselTech™ offers DuraFit™ replacement DPFs and DOCs that combine exact-fit designs for easy installation with product enhancements over many OEM units to improve durability to extend service life.

DuraFit™ DPFs and DOCs provide features to help ease installation and get your equipment back to work quickly.

  • Included gaskets reduce part numbers and hassles
  • Exact-fit designs for your specific application
  • Approved for horizontal, vertical, and dual installations
  • Nationwide installation and technical support
    DuraFit™ DPFs and DOCs fit your diesel equipment precisely like OEM units – ensuring quick installation and exact replacement with no modifications or hassles.

Equipment uptime and service life are our primary concerns. And DuraFit™ DPFs and DOCs are designed, built and stringently tested to ensure they meet or exceed OEM DPF performance requirements – both fresh out of the box and long-term down the road.

  • High-grade stainless steel canisters resist corrosion and improve durability
  • 100% new, OEM-grade substrates minimize backpressure
    Advanced coatings provide efficient catalyzation and regeneration
  • Backed by a 3 year, nationwide unlimited mileage warranty

DuraFit™ DPFs and DOCs help reduce cost of ownership by offering long-term savings compared to lost productivity or repeated unit failure. Investing in enhanced DuraFit™ DPF and DOC units is low-cost insurance that pays dividends in the long-term productivity of your diesel equipment.

All DuraFit™ DPFs and DOCs are designed, built and tested in the USA and meet or exceed all applicable EPA diesel emissions requirements.*

To find parts for your application, please refer to our part lookup. To answer any questions, or find a dealer near you, please visit our Contact Us page.

Footnote: *Certain emission control parts are not legal for sale or use in California or areas requiring compliance with California emissions regulations. Ask your DieselTech™ dealer for more detail or contact us.

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